Today we successfully tested a few new deadbait systems. The necessary bait fish were plentiful.
Great day full of fish.
Ling up to 25 KG, a few thick rags and
The crowning glory was a cod giant with 1.32 m and a whopping 27 kg 🤘🎣

Experience Flatanger


Today we finally went to the coast for big cod.
Really good, massive fish up to 1.30 m and over 20 kg.🎣🤘
The new 12 KG Xzoga Black Buster was able to distinguish itself as the new “favorite overbiter rod” today.😁
Thanks to rod maker Tino Webro for this handmade weapon🙋‍♂️

Experience Flatanger


First, it turns out differently …..
The planned day on Flounder with little wind turned into a windy day with a lot of drift, without flood contact.
Nevertheless we went with sharp weapons on the water and some cod could be caught.

Happy eastern!

Experience Flatanger


Small nice tour with really good cod and even some sun.
The cod is still doing well in the archipelago and there are many good fish between 10-12 kg.
There were a few bad bites on large gums, but also the largest fish.
Hopefully we’ll go out a little longer on Saturday, as planned on Flounder😉


Today dared a little tour in the freezing wind, of course only within the archipelago. The fish is very close to land anyway and the classic recipe is little pirk without frills.

A couple of good cod and once again the well-known Shellis went to the line. Another hour dragged on flounder with “dead rods”, but it was probably a bit too fresh for them today. A wonderful day, a bit fresh but with a good drink on board.


Today I had to test a newly installed echo sounder transducer in Flatanger Rorbuer, despite the extremely cold snowstorm I made a few throws right in front of the system. Fortunately, I was rewarded quickly with the new test rubber fish and was able to land a great fish weighing 7 kg. Then quickly back to the port, after all, today is a working day …


Used one of the few good weather days in March to clean up something in the archipelago. Cod between 4 – 8 kg bang on anything that moves. There are also crunchy shell fish, which land in the pan the next day. A little lonely on the water, I’m now looking forward to a warmer April.


Finally good news from the shipyard, our new guest boat is loaded and on its way. A few photos of the base model and, when picked up, photos of our “custom boat” for the guests.


There are also good to very good catches of cod from the bank.

Whether classic with surf rod and natural bait or with the medium spinning rod and small jigs and perks around 60-80 g.

Some lucky people have flounder contact right in front of the harbor, so some bad weather days are still a highlight.


The year starts really well.
Not only cod and skrei are in the archipelago, food fish was also quickly found.
Then it could start with the first halibut drift …
Well, sometimes it just works😊

Only self-timer works badly with a butt in your arm.🤷‍♂️

Experience Flatanger