Instead of always posting pictures of big fish, I would like to share a few tips and tricks.
What I mean is that you can prepare even better for your next vacation and maybe things will go a little smoother and better ✅
Of course you can also implement this tips in other parts of Norway, but the tips and tricks described here clearly refer to my experiences over the last 7 years here in beautiful Flatanger! ! !

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⚠️ At the right target fish at the right time ⚠️
Many guests still want the cod most of all.
However, fishing for cod has changed significantly here and some are disappointed when they cannot fill their boxes with crisp white cod fillets in July, for example.
I would roughly divide fishing into 3 categories:
☃️☀️ Fishing in spring 🎣
The cod is now directly in the archipelago. We can manage to catch fish up to over 15 kg and occasionally even over 20 within a 1-3 km radius of the harbor. Of course not just big fish, especially the fish between 50-75 cm are omnipresent.
With the right method and a few tricks, almost every group can catch their cod.

Why to fish in spring:

  • good number and size directly in the archipelago
  • usually good weather and a relatively short time on the water is necessary for full boxes
  • light tackle, spinning rod with 100 g and 4000 reel as well as bait up to 150 g are completely sufficient
  • meat quality is usually top
  • northern lights and besides the 🎣 lots of time to recover in the sauna, hot tub and to relax
  • especially beginners find their way around easily because the focus is not on boating

Cons in spring:

  • it’s cold 😆
  • snow upon arrival
  • sometimes there are a lot of small cod and you have to fish your way through
  • biodiversity not as great as in summer
  • if you fish too roughly, it will be difficult

If you are interested in what the other two categories for cod and other fish species look like, please write it in the comments or like the post with a 😂

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