We, Sebastian and Ewa, live in Flatanger in central Norway. With Experience Flatanger, we want to take fishing in Norway to a higher level. At the same time, we want to invest more in sustainable fishing. Our accommodations are located outside the fishing camps and are very well equipped.

We place great value on safety in our boats and therefore only rent first-class aluminum boats from Gemi.

It is very important to us to protect and respect the environment and nature, as we live here in a particularly beautiful piece of earth. We are a certified tourist fishing company and attach great importance to fishing with our guests in a particularly sustainable way.

At Experience Flatanger AS, we want your fishing vacation to be unforgettable and you to come back. We already look after a lot of regular guests, some of whom come up to 3 times a year. We look forward to our new visitors and repeat offenders, in this sense Petri Heil.

About Sebastian

I have been fishing since I was a child and have been to Norway regularly since 1996. So I’m more than happy to be able to call Flatanger my home. For the first 2 years after moving, I was mainly a guide and about 350 days on the water. In addition, I took over the complete guest care in Kvaloyseter and in the fishing facility Vik Brygge. From September 2018 to October 2020 I was a guide in the Flatanger Rorbuer facility.

In 2019 I was on the water for about 150 days. I have been self-employed with Experience Flatanger AS since autumn 2019 and, together with my wife, offer selected accommodations and boats for rent. On my guiding tours, I prefer to fish for pollack with light equipment or for large coalfish with a spinning rod. I live 30 m away from the water and am actually fishing or fishing somehow almost all year round. In winter also for barracuda, tuna or rooster fish, sometimes from a kayak, belly boat or on the ice.

About Ewa

I have been working in the tourism industry since 1996 and I am very happy to have my own small travel company with Experience Flatanger AS. Thanks to my husband, I’ve been at the water more and more often since 2000. I particularly love deep-sea fishing for ling and redfish, as well as trolling and natural bait fishing in the warm waters of the Pacific. For Experience Flatanger AS I work on site, take care of the guests and am responsible for bookkeeping and advising our guests on other activities or excursions in Flatanger and the surrounding area. In my free time I run as often as I can, paint and photograph nature.