Part 2

⚠️ Fishing light but stable ⚠️
Even though the topic has been covered over and over again in all the fishing newspapers, it still happens again and again.
Our guests often arrive here with equipment that is too heavy. Oddly enough, this only applies to the rod and reel and sometimes the spooled line.
Then you see an adventurous device, far too heavy and rough.
The stick-thick rod and 900 g heavy multi is excessive even for the heavy NK 🎣 and is simply no fun.
What is exaggerated with the rod & reel combo is often neglected when it comes to the small parts.
“Sentences like, what did you catch 25 kg of flounder with that rod? “We hear here again and again…
What is more interesting is which swivel, leader, snap ring and hook on the light combo was used to land the fish.
Because this is often the weak point that breaks, bends or simply fails ❗️❗️❗️
It’s not the rod or reel that is too weak, it’s the small parts or hooks etc. ❗️❗️❗️
It’s no wonder that the 100 g spinning rod and the (good quality) 5000 reel can do this.
But leave all the cheap, weak, crappy bits and bobs at home.
About the facts:
Match the rod, reel and line to each other and combine this with good small parts, MONO leader and good knots (no knot).
Carabiner swivels and hooks in particular are THE weak point of the assembly.
Why fine fishing?
It’s more fun ✅
Is often more successful ✅
And the arms don’t rot ✅
If the quality is poor, replace the triplets and rings straight away and not later…
Check your leaders for snags and after a few fish for damage.
Always fish with a monofilament leader without exception.
The spinning rod always belongs on the boat, no matter the season.
Two combos would be ideal:
A very light combo around 2.40 m with 70 g WG and 4000 roll.
Then the 2.40 – 2.70 100 g rod with 5000 reel.
This means you can fish for the top 3 cod, pollock and coalfish as well as mackerel, sea trout or flatfish etc.
Especially in midsummer when the water is often very warm, we catch not only huge pollack with 10g-25g heads and small rubbers…
But as already described in part 1, even in winter/spring, light baits are best used on fine rods.
Other advantages of light fishing:
Even with little drift, you can easily fish an area with long casts, instead of just vertically with the big combo under the boat.
Fishing in shallow water between 3-12 m is only possible with small baits and offers great fishing (not just in summer).
Mainly it’s more fun 😄
And that’s what your vacation is all about ✌🏻🎣⚠️⚠️⚠️
If you would like more information on specific topics, please write it in the comments 🙋🏼‍♂️✌🏻

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