What a tour! Great things are happening fast and furious here…

Yesterday I was able to hold a 45 pound Rooster in my arms, today a good sail hit Franki’s jig and everyone was able to repeatedly play large Mahi Mahi on the 100 g spinning rod…🤩🤩🤩
In addition, yesterday we had a fish on the jigs every time we let it off for 1.5 hour 😝
Jacks, Grouper, Snapper, Rainbow Runner, Thune Rooster, Cubera, etc…
Great food, cold beer and tomorrow we have a day to relax and enjoy the pool and a massage 😅
All the guests are happy, only their shoulders are burning 🔥

The Costa Rica 2024 tour will happen sooner than we all think 🤙🏻🥳
If you want to be there with us, please contact me as soon as possible at
sebastian@experience-flatanger.com 😉

  • 25.10 – 01.11.2024 – Costa Rica Madness Tour fully booked
  • 01.11 – 08.11.2024 – Costa Rica Madness Tour 2 spots available

Stay tuned…
We still have 3 full days 🤘🏻😉

Pura Vida ☀️

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