Sometimes you have to digest the day and sort yourself out ‼️‼️
Unbelievable what happened today in Oman … 😍😍
I love fishing ❤️

Stripped Marlin on Stand Up PE10 🤯
Brutal impact – hard drill – crazy landing and incredibly beautiful catch & release.
Great atmosphere on board and the best crew you could wish for, we really did it.
The fish was completely unharmed and will stay in my memory forever, the 350 m of line was gone pretty quickly and the spool core was quickly unraveled 😃😱
At the end it got really critical and I was just happy to jump into the water to enjoy the moment and cool off a bit.

Rod: Zenaq Fokeeto FC 80
Role: Stella SWC 20000
Line: Varivas Avani Casting PE10

Thank you to my friends for the great experience
We DID it 🙋🏼‍♂️

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