After the tour is before the tour🤙🏻☀️
Next year in August we’re really going crazy, we’re planning another great tour to the Pacific to Pedasi 🎣

There we have the entire lodge just for us! We will be 9 people in 3 boats 😎
It goes on Rooster, Cubera, Yellowfin, Amberjack and Co 🎣 with Popper, Jigs and Stickbait…..
☀️ Abugust is also the perfect time to catch some really good Yellowfin Tuna 🤘🏻
We have the entire lodge with 4 double rooms, 3 large boats with guide, full board, pool, laundry service, air conditioning, bar, Wifi and and and….❗️❗️❗️ Great days on the boat, amazing fishing, cool drinks in the pool and amazing food🤙🏻😎💥
– 7 days on site ☀️
– 5 full days of fishing🎣
– comprehensive organization and on-site support by Sebastian 😁

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