The wind has meanwhile become a permanent companion, because of that we DID OUR BEST today…😊🙋🏼‍♂️🎣
All in when popping with big baits on Cubera 💥🤙🏻
Unfortunately, after 600 casts with 150g+ popper, we were again without a fish. Later, we had 4 fish to follow us but lost a big fish in the rocks 🙄
But luckily we caught great fish afterwards, a colorful mix of Jacks, AJ, Snapper, Agucha, Bonito and a really good Pompano 😊☀️🎣
In the evening there was plenty of sashimi 🍣 from Pompano 🤤 and grilled snapper fillet, as well as a few cervezas by the pool 🍻
Great day in Panama 🤙🏻

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