Now that we’ve caught a lot of fish, we went to the BBC again today 😆
Big Bad Cubera, we only threw big poppers and stickbaits until our arms did hurt 💥
In the end it was 1-0 again for the BBC and as compensation we got roosterfish, some huge needles and a great AJ 🤙🏻
I was a bit unlucky today, first a shark weighing about 80 kg 🦈 crashed into my popper and after a short hard fight, it kept it 😖
Then I was allowed to test Micha’s Owner ST66 to see if he was still sharp, after a short operation by Dr. Javier on board continued 🎣😆🙋🏼‍♂️
In the evening then fish balls from pompano and filet ala gloria from AJ 💥🤤
Still a great day in Panama 🤙🏻

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